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Have you gone to trial and are unhappy with the result? Do you have a final order which prevents you from moving forward with your case? Contact Parafinczuk Wolf immediately to see if you can appeal that court's decision. Depending upon the facts of your case, Parafinczuk Wolf may be able to help you appeal the court's unfavorable ruling. Parafinczuk Wolf may even be able to get you relief without even filing an actual appeal.

The appellate lawyers at Parafinczuk Wolf have experience in authoring and arguing appellate briefs in the courts throughout the state of Florida.

We will take the time to review the record of your old case to see if you have the ability to appeal the court's order. In order to appeal a court's decision, a notice of appeal must be filed with a higher court within a limited time period. If you are unhappy with a court's final order, contact Parafinczuk Wolf immediately to discuss your case and preserve your rights.

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