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Bridge Collapse Lawsuit Attorneys

Infrastructure in the US has been neglected. In fact, a $1.5 trillion plan to repair this infrastructure was recently revealed. Often times, colleges, universities, and other businesses also own and control infrastructure, including bridges. When infrastructure is neglected, it can fail resulting in catastrophic injuries including spinal cord injuries (paraplegia and quadriplegia), brain damage, and even death.

The trial attorneys at Parafinczuk Wolf have significant trial experience infrastructure liability. More importantly, Parafinczuk Wolf consults with and hires the top engineers in the country for consulting and expert witness services. Our number one goal is to protect your interests and get you compensated for your losses. Depending upon the facts of your case, we may seek several forms of damages, including:

  • Economic damages (Past and future medical bills, Past and future lost wages, property damage)
  • Pain and suffering.
  • Loss of earning capacity damages.
  • Punitive damages.

More often than not, your spouse may also suffer with you, even though he or she was not involved in the accident. We may be able to seek damages for your husband, wife, or any survivors. In some cases, proving the above damages requires consulting with and hiring certain experts. We work with the most reputable experts and have the resources and finances to back your case from start to finish. If you have been injured, contact Parafinczuk Wolf to discuss your rights and interests. To learn more about bridge collapse accidents, please call today for a Free Consultation.

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